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Because of the difficulties of keeping in safety and warmth a spayed dog after operation, and because we have issues in finding foster places for operated dogs, we will spay an adopted dog only at the adopter's special request.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011



7 month little girl in urgent need of a forever home.
Very affectionate, wants lots of cuddles
She is currently at the Radauti public shelter and like all the other dogs there desperately need to get out. This is the shelter where dogs mysteriously disappear, the same shelter that is linked to the zoo. Now you do the maths!
So our group has convinced the current manageress to allocate 3 kennels specifically for dogs we are advertising for adoption. This allows us to tag them, vaccinate,spay and de-worm them as well as ensuring they don't disappear overnight.

Please, if you can offer this little angel a forever home let us know, and after a successful home check she can be part of your family within a matter of weeks.

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