Please note!

Because of the difficulties of keeping in safety and warmth a spayed dog after operation, and because we have issues in finding foster places for operated dogs, we will spay an adopted dog only at the adopter's special request.

Adoption process

Thank you for showing an interest in offering a Raduati dog a home.

This is the process that we follow :

1) Fill out the adoption application that can be found
groups/ then email to

2) We will set up a homecheck

3) Whilst this is being set up, we also will start to get the dog ready for travel. A Pending homecheck sign will be placed on the dogs photo. This does not mean no one else can enquire about the dog. But it will be based on first come first serve basis and ONLY if homecheck is successful

4) Upon a sucessful homecheck you will be notified of the transport date and all details needed ( please note the following stages are only applicable if the homecheck is successful)

5)You will be sent an adoption form/contract that you complete, sign and send to

6) Once recieved and the adoption is confirmed - The dogs photos is then taken off the adoptions board

7) You then donate the suggested sum of  50 E to cover expenses paid for annual vaccine, rabies vaccine, health book, spay/neuter or 100 E for
annual vaccine, rabies vaccine, chip, passport, transportation to the Sanitary veterinary department for chip reading, last deworming, last vet check before crossing the border . 
The transport to you will be added to these costs depending on the way of transportation, distance etc.

8) The dog is delieverd to you as per the transport arangements.