Please note!

Because of the difficulties of keeping in safety and warmth a spayed dog after operation, and because we have issues in finding foster places for operated dogs, we will spay an adopted dog only at the adopter's special request.

Application to Adopt

Thank you for your enquiry about giving one of our dogs a good home. Please complete this form and
email it to . A home-check volunteer will then contact you to arrange an
informal visit. All of our helpers are volunteers so may not be able to visit you immediately however
they will be in contact as soon as possible
Please insert your answers in the right hand column.
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Property Details
What type of property do you live in? (e.g.
house, flat, bungalow)
Are you the property owner? Yes / No
If rented, do you have the landlord’s permission to
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Do you live on a main road? Yes / No
Is your front/back garden secure?
Please provide information about height of fencing,
hedge, wall etc.
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Property Occupants
Number Age Occupation Hours worked
Do other children visit regularly?
If so, what are their ages?
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Pet & Vet Information
Have you previously owned a dog or dogs?
If Yes, what breed(s) and were they rescue dogs or
owned from a pup?
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Do you currently have another dog?
If Yes, please state, breed, age, sex, whether
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Do you have other dogs visiting your home?
If yes, please give details
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Do you have any other Pets?
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Do you have any holidays planned in the near future
and if yes, what plans are in place for the dog?
What is the maximum time the dog will be left alone?
Where will the dog be kept when you’re out?
What is the name/address of your vet/proposed vet?
Your Preferences
Do you have a preference for a dog or a bitch? Dog / Bitch / No preference
Is there a dog/bitch you’re particularly interested in?
What size of dog are you ideally looking for?
What age of dog would you prefer?
Would you consider taking 2 dogs that have grown
up together?
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Have you applied to any other rescue
organisation for a dog?
If so, please state which one(s).
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Have you previously had a home check by another
If yes, please give details if possible so that we may
contact them for a reference.
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How did you hear about Grupul pentru protectia
animalelor Radauti ?
Would you like to be kept informed via email about
other dogs looking for homes that may be suitable?
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Please state your reasons for wanting a dog now, how it will fit into your lifestyle and any other
relevant information that you think may be useful in the box below (continue on a separate sheet if
Your application will be acknowledged and a home check arranged if applicable. Please note that it is
important that the home checker meets everyone living in the home and that they may bring their own
dog(s) with them. Do you agree to one of our representatives carrying out a follow up post-adoption
visit to ascertain the welfare of the dog in the future? Yes / No
Useful Notes/Things to Consider: -
Please note that all rescue dogs take time to settle in (usually 2-4 weeks) and may act differently
during the first few weeks in their new home due to stress and the introduction of new
smells/sounds/food/routine etc. Some dogs may need to be house-trained and ALL dogs will
require good quality food, daily exercise and fresh air!
Exercise helps prevent anxiety and behavioural problems often developed through lack of exercise
and boredom. It also helps the dog maintain a healthy weight.
We endeavour to match the right dog to you and your circumstances and we only rehome dogs that
we believe to be in good health with good even temperament however, RGAW will not accept
responsibility for any problems and/or costs resulting from illness/injury that may occur or develop
subsequent to adoption.
Any dog rehomed by RGAW must be returned to RGAW or an animal welfare group/charity
authorised to act on our behalf directly should the adoptee/s not be able to keep the dog for any
reason. Any donation fees already paid will not be refunded.
All our dogs will have been spayed/castrated, micro-chipped, fully vaccinated, de-fleaed and wormed.
They will also have an up-to-date pet passport. The minimum donation for a dog is Ł200 to contribute
towards the cost of transportation and all of the above. Donations will be due on the day of adoption
and paid via bank transfer or paypal. All donations are non-refundable.
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