Please note!

Because of the difficulties of keeping in safety and warmth a spayed dog after operation, and because we have issues in finding foster places for operated dogs, we will spay an adopted dog only at the adopter's special request.

Official homechechers

Radauti Group for animal welfare has a network of homecheckers, that are allowed to make homeckecs before and after the adoption. These homecheckers (HC) are allowed to ask for updates, pictures, movies from the adopters and make announced courtesy visits.  We are interested in the adopted animal's welfare after the adoption, considering the numerous abuses that can occur and that we wish to prevent by collaborating with the adopter.

All adopters agree to this procedure once they adopt a Radauti shelter dog by contract.

These persons are our trustee homecheckers, that will pass on to us their gathered information and updates, so please consider treating them with sincerity and respect, as they are entering your life only wishing the best for the dogs that had a very hard time in the Radauti shelter.

Carina Trede ,Hanny Rosendahl and Lena Karlsson

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